Sunnydaze Sage the Yoga Garden Gnome Statue Decoration – 11-Inch

Sunnydaze Sage the Yoga Garden Gnome Statue Decoration – 11-Inch


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Far. far away deep in the Gnoborough forest along the bend of the Crystalwell river. a solitary gnome named Sage lives in a quiet. 1-room. neatly kept cottage. It is a time of worldly distress and fear. yet Sage finds inner peace. and can set aside those negative feelings while breathing in the power of serenity and breathing out the negativity of anxiety and stress through the art and action of yoga. Many other gnomes in the village learn of his ability to find peace in a troubled world and come to study from afar. Through him they learn how to handle the stresses and find good even on days that seem most difficult and with that they are able to show others and with time. the wounds of the stresses will heal and the village will become a stronger. more peaceful place.

This charming garden gnome is designed for indoor or outdoor use. He features a resin construction with a detailed painted finish. Sage wears a blue hat with a green shirt. brown pants and black boots. A serene. relaxed face combined with his seated mountain pose. create a soothingly unique addition to any garden.